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Beat of My Own Drum

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20051004 | 02:30 pm

This is the first photograph I shot as the march started for the United for Peace and Justice Anti-War protest in Washington DC. There were so many people trying to get from the stage area to the street so they could march around the White House that no one was moving at all. There were so many people it took about an hour to move about 100 yards. Things started to move much better as we got closer to the White House but it was still very slow. This man was beating the drum as the woman sang songs. She had quite the voice, I am not sure what songs she was singing now but I do remember it was very pretty. Please click on the photo to view larger version.
Beat of My Own Drum

Photo by Danny Hammontree
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from: hervictory
date: 20051004 11:02 pm (UTC)

Great photo - it reminds me of one I took at Folklife '04 at the Seattle Center - http://pics.livejournal.com/hervictory/pic/00008hpe . Keep the protest pics coming!

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