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Endangered Freedoms

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20040118 | 01:15 am

My wife Shannon vividlilac and I went to Miami Beach today to be apart of this project. We met up with Bridgette kindrejule who is a member of Greenpeace here in Miami. We all had an awesome day. Bridgette spent most of her time recruiting people to participate in the Picasso living art project. Shannon helped set up waiting areas for people to stay before being brought out to their spot in the sand.
I spent the whole time shooting photos of just about everything I though looked interesting. I really wish I could have been up in the chopper when it took the photo from above :) The Naked Cowboy even showed up! I will not be posting the photos of him because a local news paper is interested in purchasing them. I will post them within the next few days after the paper decides which photos they want :)By the way, Bridgette and I are in the top of the "R" in the word "Endangered" and Shannon is in the dove's bottom wing ;)

© 2004 Robert Visser/Greenpeace
Greenpeace supporters recreate Pablo Picasso's "Amnistia" on South Beach
in Miami, Florida. Over 1,500 people participated in the largest living art project ever.

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every 7 and 19

(no subject)

from: phazchi_rrr
date: 20040118 12:31 pm (UTC)

oh, that was fun. for pictures, i really liked the pictures starting at 6672. of course, you had to have the ones before that. we dont have a beach big enough to do that, but the people look a lot a like.

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Danny Hammontree

(no subject)

from: dannyhammontree
date: 20040118 07:31 pm (UTC)

i sure wish i would of taken more photos like those :)

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